What with "Zero limit"?
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It is clear that the claim of organic farmers to guarantee "zero content of GMO" in their products is as realistic as zero content of heavy metals or mycotoxines. Such demand is based from the side of organic farmers by the desire to profit on "GMO psychosis" and has nothing to do with consumer safety or protection of environment. From the side of Greens is the "zero contamination" another weapon in their war against GMO.

It is just the question of time when realistic approach will come. Following report from Germany shows that the time is coming:

The German "Association Organic Food Industry" ( Bundes Ökologische Lebensmittelwirtschaft - BÖLW), expects the moratorium on GMO in EU to terminate this year. In connection with this Dr. Felix Prinz zu Löwenstein, president of BÖLW, demands to admit an adventitious GMO-presence up to 0.5% for organic farming products (0,1% for seed).

Helmut Heiderich, who is in charge of ecology issues in the parliament faction of the Christian Democrats (CDU/CSU), welcomes this proposal and rates the demanded 'zero tolerance' by the German Federal Minister Renate Künast (Green Party) of Consumer Protection, Food and Agriculture as scientifically unfounded and unrealistic.

On the other hand BÖLW comes with another unrealistic demand - to label the products from animals fed by GMO. It was German researchers who documented that there are no traces of feed modification in animal products.

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