Genes of Controversy - TV film
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Genes of Controversy 1/5

This document was prepared in 1999. However, since then the principles of transgenesis have not changed neither the paradigms of para-religious groups fighting against it.

Genes of Controversy 2/5

Part two will tell the story how butterflies are in danger from transgenic crops but like chemical insecticides. Should we provide new gene for natural crop defence or should we spray insecticide?

Genes of Controversy 3/5

Next part show herbicides as not very nice intervention in nature, but the less harmful should be looked for. There are many ways how to combat weeds. Which is the friendliest to nature?

Genes of Controversy 4/5

Will transgenic maize push away nettles and invade whole Europe? Start the next part. No new elements in European plant community! Get rid from potato, maize and wheat! They are intruders from South America and Near East.

Genes of Controversy 5/5

Certain transgenic crops are smuggling bacteria genes in guts of man and cattle! Watch them in the last part of the document. Are you afraid of bacteria genes on your dish? Particularly those introducing resistance to antibiotics? Stop eating!
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