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Use the form below to search for documents in BIOTRIN web containing specific words or combinations of words (All logical conditions for words occurrence can be expressed only using Match buttons!). The text search engine will display a sorted list of matching documents. Each list item is a link to a matching document. Please set up a reasonable search and display conditions (how-to?) and press Search button.

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How should you formulate your question?

How should you formulate your question?

  1. Search engine searches only for words listed in the field Search For regardless their meaning.

  2. Logical relations between the words can be expressed only with additional conditions: Match, Dated, Within

  3. Precision of search can be altered by Sound-alike matching. It this is not selected, only the words are searched for in the precise form they were listed in. In the opposite case, words with similar English pronunciation are searched for as well.

  4. The search engine always responds by a list of web pages according to the following conditions:

    1. Match: Any word - wherever at least one of the listed words occurs

    2. Match: All words - wherever all the listed words occur (regardless their position in a page)

    3. Match: Exact phrase - wherever the precise string of words occurs.

  5. For example if I wish to find all the e-mail addresses, and out of those only the ones belonging to companies, it is not possible to ask in direct speech, such as: 
    "email address of companies only".
    Unfortunately, intelligence of the search engine is not of such level that it would understand ;).
    It is not possible to do the search at all because no such chain occurs in text. Anyway, e-mail addresses are realised in the web sites as links attached to any visible objects, any text, picture and so on, and are not classified yet.

  6. I would receive a response (Match: All Words) to a question of the above formulation of all the web sites that contain all the individual words anywhere in the text: 
    email, address, of, companies, only
    Probably, this is not what I wanted.

  7. We believe that understanding of the rules will help you formulate your inquiries in a way that will give you just the information you do search for.

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